Work in Progress

398 Days of Quarantine  

Artist Statement in progress for this work

When we started quarantine we were shut down completely. My tiny island was cut off from the main world by a roadblock to try and protect its citizens and our limited medical facilities. As someone at high risk with a disability, the only time I would go out of my house was for my daily run/walk. During those walks, I would take some photos to post to social media. I live alone and the apartment I was living in did not have any outside area. The sense of isolation was palpable. 

I hoped that my photos of this beautiful place that I live would help others through this difficult time. As the quarantine went on, the road was reopened and a mask mandate was put in place, requiring individuals wear a mask any time they were outside their homes. The temperatures started to hit over 100. Each day wearing a mask to run became even more difficult, sweat dripping down my nose, unable to touch my face. 

I knew this pandemic would last a long time, but the monotony heading into month six of being alone was almost too much. Taking the same photo in the same location over and over again

became a comforting routine, and exhausting at the same time.

Fear set in and grew roots when October hit. Anti-maskers by the droves came to our tiny island for a break from their real life, pretending the pandemic was over, carrying the virus with them.

As our numbers continued to go up and up and up, I tried to concentrate on creating this project to keep sane.