For the series Observations and Triptychs I photograph in mass market locations such as Wal-Mart and Target. I enter the large locations and notice the smallest details of beauty. I seek out the silent and beautiful spots and document them. I do this to bring attention to them and show the rest of the world what they miss in their hurry to get their items and get out.


    After I am done shooting I take the film to be developed in the same locations I have shot in. These stores are not the most careful in developing film, usually because they are also in a hurry. Sometimes there are scratches even holes in the film not noticeable in a 4X5 but when blown up to 30X40 they really show. Further enhancing the dialogue of rushing, missing out on the beauty of life.


     I print these images leaving in all flaws from the developing. If I must print them digitally I do not utilize photoshop to distort or modify the images.  I also do not enhance the colors in any way. I try to stay as true to the original item as possible.


    I do not frame my photographs as to not distract from the image they are mounted to plexi-glass or board.